Eat Rich

Title: Eat Rich Release date: 2019 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Ash Barker, Molly Pease, Evelyn Landow (assistant director) Writing credits: Ash Barker, Molly Pease Production: Molly Pease Art department: Charlotte Elena (set designer) Hair and make-up: Evie Riojas (make-up artist) Music: Ash Barker, Evelyn Landow Run time: 13 minutes Color: color Summary: A [...]

Boy Eats Girl: A Zombie Love Story

Title: Boy Eats Girl: A Zombie Love Story Release date: 2019 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Sarah Gurfield Writing credits: Lauren Hynek, Elizabeth Martin Script supervisor: Liliana Parra Production: Liz Vacovec (producer), Sarah Gurfield (executive producer), Mollie Wartelle (production assistant), Elizabeth Jaleigh-Davis (production assistant) Costume department: Mary Martin (lead costumer), Marise Freitas (assistant costumer) [...]

The Children

Title: The Children Release date: 1980 Country: United States Rating: R Script supervisor: Liz Argo Art department: Judy Evans (paintings) Costume department: Ann Dalton (wardrober) Hair and make-up: Carla White (make-up artist), Ann Dalton (assistant make-up artist) Film editor: Nikki Wessling Run time: 93 minutes Color: color Summary: A nuclear-plant leak turns a bus-load of children [...]


Title: Reunion Release date: 2019 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: M.R. Fitzgerald Writing credits: M.R. Fitzgerald Production: M.R. Fitzgerald (executive producer), Ann Miller-Larson (executive producer) Art department: Haleah Demio (production design), Savanah Heller (assistant production designer), Ann Miller Larson (props), Samantha K. Bruno (set, prop builder), Andrea Nicole Swart (graphic designer) Costume department: Haleah [...]


Title: Fido Release date: 2006 Country: Canada Rating: R Script supervisor: Natasha Young, Claudia Morgado Production: Mary Anne Waterhouse (producer), Heidi Levitt (co-producer), Shelley Gillen (executive producer) Choreographer: Viktoria Langton Art department: Crystal Strode (art coordinator, graphic designer), Vanessa Anderson (assistant set decorator), Helen Menyes (scenic painter) Costume department: Mary E. McLeod (costume designer), Lorraine [...]


Title: Severed Release date: 2005 Country: United States Rating: R Script supervisor: Jennifer Donoghue Production: Cynthia Chapman (producer), Kirsten Newlands (associate producer) Art department: Nancy Mossop (set decorator), Tanja Nargang (assistant set decorator) Costume department: Ellen Bennett (costume designer), Paula Munro (set costumer) Hair and make-up: Kyla Rose Tremblay (key hair stylist, key make-up artist), [...]

I Walked with a Zombie

Title: I Walked with a Zombie Release date: 1943 Country: United States Rating: NR Writing credits: Ardel Wray (screenplay co-writer), Charlotte Brontë (novel structure, Jane Eyre, uncredited), Inez Wallace (original story) Run time: 69 minutes Color: black and white Summary: A Canadian nurse is hired to care for the wife of a sugar plantation owner, who has [...]

Good Morning

Title: Good Morning Release date: 2017 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Elaine Mongeon Writing credits: Elaine Mongeon Production: Julie M. Anderson (producer) Cinematographer: Lisa Wiegand Art department: Sarah Delucchi (art director) Costume department: Ellen Mirojnick (costume designer), Alexa Newman (costume designer) Hair and make-up: Josie Rodriguez (make-up artist) Special effects: Alicia Barry (special effects [...]


Title: Cooties Release date: 2014 Country: United States Rating: R Director: Lori Ashfield (first assistant director) Art department: Jasmine Garnet (art direction) Costume department: Gina Scarnati (costume design) Hair and make-up: Sarah Ault (hair stylist), Kya Bilal (hair stylist), Lara Cilento (hair stylist), Tina Fabulic (hair stylist), Megan Areford (make-up artist), Michelle Chung (make-up artist), [...]


Title: Inked Release date: 2018 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Kyra Elise Gardner Writing credits: Kyra Elise Gardner (screenwriter) Cinematographer: Melissa Slizewski Run time: 7 minutes Color: color Summary: Lilly and Cece are life-long best friends. However when matching tattoos and some mysterious ink jeopardize their friendship they have to face the good, bad, [...]