Eat Me!

Title: Eat Me! Release date: 2010 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Katie Carman Screenwriter: Elizabeth Lee Producer: Katie Carman, Elizabeth Lee Hair and make-up: Jessica Canzoneri (make-up artist) Special effects: Elizabeth Young (special effects assistant) Run time: 90 minutes Color: color Summary: A stoner Brooklyn garage band survives a radioactive event and discovers the neighbors [...]


Goodnight My Love

Title: Goodnight My Love Release date: 2012 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Kellee Terrell Screenwriter: Kellee Terrell Producer: Elizabeth Brouillette Run time: 11 minutes Color: color Summary: In an apartment building overran by zombies, Aimee and Cynthia, a Black lesbian couple, hide in a laundry room. They spend what may be their final moments hashing out the [...]


Title: KEEN-wah Release date: 2015 Country: United Kingdom Rating: NR Director: Cat Davies Screenwriter: Cat Davies Make-up: Poppy Taylor Special effects: Jessica Taylor (special effects make-up artist) Run time: 6 minutes Color: color Summary: Blind dates can be daunting – even more so when your date has dietary restrictions and is more than a little past [...]


Title: Chomp Release date: 2014 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Lynne Hansen Screenwriter: Lynne Hansen Producer: Lynne Hansen, Sally Bosco (associate producer) Make-up: Sally Bosco (make-up artist) Special effects: Brianna Jessica Valdes (special effects make-up artist) Run time: 12  minutes Color: color Summary: Millie is determined to prove to the world that she’s captured the [...]

Black In Red Out

Title: Black In Red Out Release date: 2017 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Monica Suriyage Screenwriter: Monica Suriyage Producer: Kaitlin Reilly Cinematographer: Art director/Set designer: Costume design: Elizabeth von Mehren Make-up: Carloyn Alyce   Run time: 14 minutes Color: color Summary: Meryl has been crushing on Davey for a while now, so when her roommate Leah [...]


Title: Z-Stuy Release date: 2017 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Devan Gallagher Screenwriter: Devan Gallagher Producer: Crystal Sha'nae Bailey (associate producer), Devan Gallagher (producer), Katie Goffman (producer), Kathleen Kielbus (associate producer),  Sarah Young (Producer) Hair and make-up: Danitra Faithe, Tessa Freeman Run time: 5 minutes Color: color Summary: There's panic on the streets of [...]

Pet Sematary

Title: Pet Sematary Release date: 1989 Country: United States Rating: R Director: Mary Lambert Costume Design: Marlene Stewart Run time: 103 minutes Color: color Summary: The Creeds have just moved to a beautiful home in the countryside; Everything is perfect except the semi-trailer roaring past on the road and the mysterious cemetery in the woods [...]