Title: Pigskin Release date: 2015 Country: United States Rating: NR Screenwriter: Nicola Newton (co-writer) Producer: Paula Gonzalez Cinematographer: Nicola Newton Art director: Rachel Shirley Run time: 14 minutes Color: color Summary: High school cheerleader, Laurie, is asked out by the quarterback. Her physical attraction is plagued by a grisly manifestation of her own bodily insecurities. [...]


The Jigsaw

Title: The Jigsaw Release date: 2014 Country: United Kingdom Rating: NR Props: Karina von Poten (props master), Amanda Gleeves, Patsi Redpath, Elizabeth Keeble (jigsaw box maker) Run time: 9 minutes Color: color Summary: A man purchases a jigsaw puzzle from a mysterious shopkeeper who warns him the cost may be too high. Upon completing the [...]


Title: SCUM Release date: 2014 Country: United States Rating: NR Producer: BJ Colangelo (executive producer) Costume design: BJ Colangelo (wardrobe) Hair and make-up: Special effects: BJ Colangelo (special effects makeup) Run time: 2 min. 33 sec. Color: color Summary: A man is pushed to the edge after a confrontation between his unfaithful wife. Dialogue is [...]

Hair Wolf

Title: Hair Wolf Release date: 2018 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Mariama Diallo Screenwriter: Mariama Diallo Producer: Valerie Steinberg Cinematographer: Charlotte Hornsby Art department: Karen Campbell and Megan Griffin (art production assistants) Hair and make-up: Raisa Flowers (make-up), Joanne Petit-Frère (hair artist), Sheniqua Simon (assistant hair and make-up)  Run time: 12 minutes Color: color Summary: A [...]


Title: Tahootie Release date: 2017 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Sabina Ibarra Screenwriter: Sabina Ibarra Hair and make-up: Melissa Howland Special effects: Melissa Howland (special effects make-up artist) Music: Reina Mora Run time: 4 minutes Color: color Summary: While driving through the mountains, a family starts holding their breaths as a game when they pass through [...]

The End of Mara

Title: The End of Mara Release date: 2016 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Kim Garland Screenwriter: Kim Garland Producer: Kim Garland, Violetta Ekpe Costume design: Angeline Scantlebury Hair and make-up: Tara Zielenski (hair stylist, makeup artist) Music: Paula Gallitano Run time: 15 minutes Color: color Summary: A woman helps her husband break free of a curse [...]