No Knock List

Title: No Knock List Release date: 2018 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Angie Galloway (assistant director) Producer: Kristen Mitchem (producer), Maria Olson (producer), Lea Wilson (producer), Angela Rule (executive producer) Costumes: Angie Galloway Hair and make-up: Kristen Mitchem (make-up) Color: color Summary: When two hardened criminals facing harsh sentences make a break from prison, [...]


42 Counts

Title: 42 Counts Release date: 2018 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Jill "Sixx" Gevargizian   Screenwriter: Jill "Sixx" Gevargizian  Run time: 8 minutes Color: color Summary: Based on a true story, two unsuspecting victims spend their night off watching scary movies in an apartment rented from their boss until they uncover something much more sinister [...]

Gemma’s Monster

Title: Gemma's Monster Release date: 2017 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Julia K. Berkey (director), Sasha Perez (assistant director) Screenwriter: Julia K. Berkey Producer: Sasah Perez Art design: Helene Breger Makeup: Heather Kendall Run time: 8 minutes Color: color Summary: A high school girl conjures a monster to help her fight her battles. Official Selection: [...]

Strange Harvest

Title: Strange Harvest Release date: 2017 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Stee McMorris Screenwriter: Stee McMorris Art director: Elizabeth Black Special effects: Pearl Lung Run time: 6 minutes Color: color Summary: Two strangers wake up in mysterious and slimy circumstances, unable to move, and with no memory of how they got there. Official Selection: [...]

Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant

Title: Don't Think of a Pink Elephant Release date: 2017 Country: United Kingdom Rating: NR Director: Suraya Raja Screenwriter: Suraya Raja Producer: Rebecca M. Smith Art department: María Negredo Special effects: Begona F. Martin Animation: Suraya Raja Run time: 8 minutes Color: color Summary: Layla, a teenage girl, fights daily against compulsive thoughts and urges. She is terrified [...]

Devil Woman

Title: Devil Woman Release date: 2018 Country: Canada Rating: NA Director: Heidi Lee Douglas Screenwriter: Heidi Lee Douglas Producer: Heidi Lee Douglas (producer), Catherine Williams (producer) Cinematographer: Meg White Art director: Nerissa Davis Run time: 12 minutes Color: color Summary: In the wild forests of Tasmania, battle lines are drawn between loggers and environmental activists. [...]

Hooker Assassin

Title: Hooker Assassin Release date: 2016 Country: United States Rating: NR Director: Misty Dawn Screenwriter: Hanna Campbell, Misty Dawn Producer: Misty Dawn (executive producer), Hannah Doerge (producer), Hanna Campbell (associate producer) Costume design: Hanna Campbell Hair and make-up: Emily Campbell (make-up), Keirsey Stanley (make-up) Special effects: Misty Dawn, Keirsey Stanley Color: color Summary: They say [...]


Title: Entropia Release date: 2017 Country: Australia Rating: NR Director: Marinah Janello Screenwriter: Marinah Janello Cinematographer: Amanda McGrady Run time: 15 minutes Color: color Summary: An aging woman attempts to regain her youth through her taxidermy and spell books. Awards: Best New England Film: Boston Underground Film Festival 2018; Audience Award: First Hermetic Film Festival [...]