Horror is a genre of works that are designed to frighten, panic, and otherwise invoke a fearful emotional response from the viewer in an entertaining way. These works often involve threatening supernatural, macabre, unknown, or the evil forces intruding on the everyday world.

Women as creators in film have been drastically underrepresented in the movie business. When the general topic of women in film is condensed to the horror industry, the statistics drop significantly. There is a common belief that women don’t enjoy this genre, and therefore would not be involved in the development of horror films. In 2010, Hannah Neurotica (Forman) founded Women in Horror Month (WiHM), an international, grassroots movement to destroy this mode of thinking. WiHM encourages horror fans to learn about and showcase the underrepresented work of women. The international event also acts as a call to action for more women to get involved in this industry. It is clear that women make significant contributions to horror.

The intent of the Women in Horror: A Film Index project is to recognize the contribution of women creators in the horror film industry by constructing a comprehensive index of female-generated horror films. It is arranged by title of the film, and each entry includes the role women took in creating the film (e.g. director, screenwriter, producer, etc.), the date of release, country of origin, nominations or awards, rating, a brief summary, a content warning if applicable, and other information pertinent to the title. Films are also assigned tags to aid in searching. The index also has an international scope, spanning from 1900 to the present day, and will become a helpful research tool for anyone interested in the horror industry. The purpose for the Women in Horror: A Film Index is to provide information about women working behind the scenes in the horror film industry.